iPhone TV-out capabilities experimented by freeFreeverse

December 8, 2008 at 5:11 am (freeFreeverse, iphone, Moto Chaser, MPTVOutWindow, TV-out)

Freeverse has dabbled with an undocumented iPhone SDK feature that allows apps to use the TV-out function, according to Ars Technica. The developer applied the MPTVOutWindow class to its Moto Chaser game, creating a demo that played on an external display. Users still control the vehicle by tilting the device, but view the racing action on a TV instead of the touchscreen. The experience also benefits from the sound output routing to the TV or other A/V system.

The game ran best on the second-generation iPod touch, reaching a rate of 20 frames per second and considered “almost playable” by Freeverse producer Bruce Morrison. The public release of Moto Chaser for the iPhone includes a variety of optimizations that allow a rate of 26 frames per second.

The demo was created with less than a day’s work at Freeverse, but lacks a main menu and throttle button. The company experimented with the TV-out feature solely to create a technology preview, and has no plans to integrate the API until Apple documents it in future SDKs. “We only use approved Apple methods and approved frameworks in our programs,” Morrison said.

The performance would also need to increase before the public will see a TV-out version in the App Store. “Our video methods have room to improve, and we’re positive we can bring up that frame rate with time and work,” Morrison added. “But we won’t release anything at 20 frames per second.”

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